I don’t know how to juggle. But sometimes, life feels to me like what I imagine it is to learn how to juggle. Lots of things going on at once. Plenty of things being dropped — sometimes all together. Getting hit in the head with a bowling pin. Narrowly avoiding getting cut in half by that fourth chainsaw you forgot that you threw into the mix. It’s stressful. Trying to coordinate arms and hands and eyes and mind all at once. Yikes!

On the other hand, there is a lot that can be handled and improved with a decision, a…

When confronted with grief on any type, journaling can help to open your heart and mind to the experiences. Writing down what you are feeling and thoughts you are having can help you to process them and come to terms with what has happened in your life. Even if you think you are not a good writer or have clear or concise thoughts, you can begin just by writing. You can write using “stream of conscience”, which is just your thoughts in a stream without rhyme or reason to them. This is a good way to get to the root…

I stood on the periphery and watched for a couple of minutes as life went on in front of me. Everybody was running around with kickballs, shooting hoops, playing on playground equipment and having fun in lots of different ways. Everyone that is, except my son.

Josh stood in the middle of the paved area of the playground by himself. There were probably one hundred twenty kids outside for their lunchtime recess and another ten or so adults. Josh was in third grade and I had stopped by to check in on him.I would frequently get calls from the school…

Often my son has told me either “I have disabilities” or “I have a disability”. Every time, those phrases spoken out loud by my son, leave a pit in my stomach and questions in my mind.

I’ve lived in fear of Josh (or anybody else for that matter) creating an identity for himself and of himself as “handicapped” or “disabled”. …

“Dad, I’m happy with my life.”

Me — What is it about your life that makes you feel happy?

“Who I am and how I help make the world a better place.”

Me — And you know what, son? You do it just by being who you are. All of who you are. The strong parts and the honest parts and the scared parts. It’s every bit of you that makes the world a better place.

“Yea, dad. And my disabilities.”

Me — Yep. You’ve had to go through a lot in your eighteen years Josh. …

An old student of mine stopped by in the middle of July. I didn’t recognize him and had to ask his name. As soon as he said it I recalled his time with me.

He was a student for about 5 years. Roughly age 9–13. He was being raised by a single mom. She hoped the martial arts would help him get some discipline, direction, and focus.

It was a challenge getting him to do what would help him. It was a challenge to get him to make better choices. It was a challenge to earn his trust.

He was…


There are days when I actually think I was made for this. Raising a child, now a young man, with different abilities. Other days, I am reminded how little I know. It goes in cycles and seasons. There is a rhythm, but not one I can define. It’s our life. I guess that is the rhythm.

Josh is transitioning from pediatric doctors to those who tend to adults. We saw a neurologist for the first time today at University of Nebraska Medical Center — UNMC.

It took several hours as the examination and the questions were both very in depth…

Can People Change?

I interviewed a man last week, Quan Huynh (pronounced-Hhhwen).

Quan experienced a pivotal event in his life at the age of 13. A painful event.

The hurt and the resulting anger from it stayed with him. And over time it grew into rage and violence. It climaxed in a violent night for him as an adult when he took the life of another person.

The events prior to him taking that man’s life shaped him into the person who was capable of taking life.

In the span of one minute, both families were changed forever.

One minute…

This Too Shall Pass

I’ve received a number of texts and Facebook messages recently asking if everything is OK with us regarding the flooding here.

Yes, we are fine.

The school and our house are on high ground. That being said, there are people a mile away whose homes have been wiped out. One third of Offutt Air Force Base, which is two miles from the house, is under water.

Ten days ago there was three feet of snow on the ground and nobody really had any idea what was going to happen.

Seven days ago, the temp had been…

A guy I know went to prison for five years for molesting his daughter. Several years after he got out of prison there was a knock on his front door. It was his then 21-year-old daughter.

“Dad, I know you probably don’t want to see me. I just want you to know, that I know, it wasn’t true.”

His daughter was eleven at the time the whole mess started. There was a divorce and custody battle going on. Her mother convinced the child that her father had molested her.

We sometimes believe by hurting another, we will feel better. It…

Mark Goblowsky

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